Journey for Self-Discovery

A unique Volunteering program in the Israeli Negev which combines work, spirit and learning together with participants from Israel and the world.


October 28th

Only 4 places left!

NEXT PROGRAM STARTS ON October 28th Only 4 places left!

October 28th Only 4 places left!

The volunteering program – “Journey for Self-Discovery” is a unique international program which combines giving, learning and doing.

The program combines doing and volunteering in the village, alongside daily spiritual teachings and practice. The guiding question of the program asks Who Am I?

Each participant undergoes a meaningful journey towards discovering his or her: qualities, habits, ways of thought and eventually oneself.

Practical Tools are given during the program that allow one to become a better master and creator of his/her world and a leader who takes responsibility and manages life from the heart.

  • "Your spirituality and daily wisdom can only be described in one word; Authentic! It felt much more like being on a retreat than being a volunteer!"

    Joshua, Germany
    Joshua, Germany
  • "I've never met so many amazing people in one place. Open-hearts, warm hugs, shining eyes, big smiles, and deep conversations, all of this you'll find."

    Diana Moldova
    Diana Moldova
  • "The one who's looking for a nice journey will find a lifetime experience. The sailor who searches for a temporary place to set his anchor will find a second home."

    Shimon, France
    Shimon, France
  • "Everything at Garin Harel is done with care and awareness and the content that is taught will change your life in probably a BIG way."

    Elizabeth, US
    Elizabeth, US
  • "I advise every traveler around world to go there, even with eyes closed, even without knowing exactly where you would arrive; because for sure, you will find a new family that will help open your heart to yourself."

    Rachel – France 28/8/2017
    Rachel – France 28/8/2017

These are the main threads the program is weaved of, in each a world of its own, you will experience how they find their place in the schedule and in your heart during the journey.



Take part, share and experience Garin Harel


Discover and express the creator within.


Quiet the awareness and find a path to tranquility.

Mindfulness Work

Work revealed as a means of improvement.


Plan, build and maintain our eco-village.

Wisdom of the Heart

Tap in to the driving forces in your life.

“And what is it to work with love?
It is to weave the cloth with threads drawn from your heart,
even as if your beloved were to wear that cloth.
It is to build a house with affection,
even as if your beloved were to dwell in that house.
Work is love made visible” Kahlil Gibran

About the Community

We live together as an intentional, spiritual and sustainable community in our temporary village of Tzohar. We are enthusiastically promoting, the establishment a permanent eco-village in the Arava Desert.